NetApp NCDA Certification NS0-158 Free Dumps(Q31-Q60)

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NetApp NCDA Certification NS0-158 Free Dumps

NS0-158 NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

31.Why would you use NetApp Snapshots?
A. for data protection
B. to increase performance
C. for network resiliency
D. for storage failover
Answer: A

32.A customer has a 4-node cluster. Two nodes have FlashCache and the other two nodes have Flash Pools. The customer is interested in deploying and OLTP application with a workload that consists of an extreme number of small random writes on four LUNs spread across four volumes.
What should the customer do to improve performance for the OLTP application?
A. Place all volumes for the application on the nodes with Flash Pools.
B. Deploy all volumes for the application on the two nodes with the FlashCache installed.
C. Split the volumes between the two nodes with FlashCache and two of the nodes with Flash Pools.
D. Place the volume with the highest read load on the Flash Pool nodes and place the other volumes on the FlashCache nodes.
Answer: A

33.The cluster ha modify-configured true command will trigger which two actions? (Choose two.)
A. The ability for the nodes in an HA pair to execute an auto-giveback.
B. The ability for the hosts connected to a node to failover to another HA pair.
C. The storage can failover from one node to the other.
D. SVM failover from any node in the cluster to any other node.
Answer: B,C

34.To achieve high-availability within a FAS8080 EX HA pair, which two requirements are needed? (Choose two.)
A. Connect the NVRAM HA interconnects of the HA pairs.
B. Connect multiple paths from the controllers to the host.
C. Connect the local node to the partner node’s disk shelves.
D. Enable auto-giveback.
Answer: A,B

35.You have created a storage virtual machine named SVM1 with a NetBIOS name of FILES1 and you have successfully joined the Active Directory domain. You have created a CIFS share called SHARE1 and have given read/write access to all users. Network connectivity has been verified.
To which path should the users be mapping?
Answer: B

36.In the storage failover command, what does the bypass-optimization option do?
A. It takes over the partner node without performing aggregate relocation.
B. It migrates all logical interfaces during takeover.
C. It takes over without migrating all logical interfaces.
D. It takes over the partner node performing aggregate relocation.
Answer: A

37.Which two must already exist before creating a subnet? (Choose two.)
A. storage virtual machine
B. failover group
C. broadcast domain
D. IPspace
Answer: C,D

38.Your company is told that it must follow strict requirements for auditing purposes when creating user accounts for each department.
Which feature in clustered Data ONTAP accomplishes this task?
A. LDAP integration
B. workgroup access
C. role-based access control
D. mixed-mode security
Answer: C

39.How many disks reside in a DS4246 shelf?
A. 46
B. 42
C. 14
D. 24
Answer: D

40.Which port is used for untagged VLAN traffic?
A. a0a-0
B. a0a
C. e0a-999
D. 0a
Answer: B

41.Which of the following is true about a data protection (DP) mirror destination volume? (Choose all that apply)
A. Can be in the same vserver as the source
B. Can be in a different vserver as the source
C. Can be on a different cluster from the source
D. Can be on a Data ONTAP 7-mode system
E. Can be smaller than the source
Answer: A,B,C

42.Which two NFS versions are supported on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3? (Choose two.)
A. NFSv1
B. NFSv2
C. NFSv3
D. NFSv4
Answer: C,D

43.An administrator is attempting to add two FAS8020 nodes to an existing cluster of eight FAS2552 nodes. They are receiving an error when attempting to join the new nodes.
What is causing this error?
A. The cluster switch connections have been cabled incorrectly.
B. The disk shelves on one of the new nodes are displaying an error.
C. The maximum number of nodes is already in the cluster.
D. The new nodes are running a newer version of clustered Data ONTAP.
Answer: C

44.A customer wants to improve write performance on their FAS2552 HA system. The system is built with SAS drives, and they are not interested in purchasing additional disk shelves. The workload consists of mostly small, random overwrites and random reads.
What should the customer do to improve performance?
A. Enable free space reallocation on the aggregate.
B. Enable FlashCache on both nodes.
C. Increase the amount of NVRAM in the system.
D. Assign a Flash Pool RAID group to the aggregates.
Answer: A

45.What must be configured to support inter-cluster Snapmirror relationships?
A. Cluster peer relationship
B. Intercluster port role
C. Junction path for the mirrored volume
D. Minimum transfer size
Answer: A

46.A customer creates four broadcast domains with the following ports included for node cl-01:
bcast1 – e0c
bcast2 – e0d
bcast3 – e0e
bcast4 – e0f
A customer creates a LIF and specifies a home port of cl-01:e0f. After LIF creation, the administrator modifies the home port to use cl-01:e0c.
Which broadcast domain is the LIF using now?
A. bcast4
B. bcast2
C. bcast1
D. bcast3
Answer: C

47.A customer has LUNs that are being accessed through iSCSI. The applications have experienced increased LUN latency over the last couple of days.
Which two components should you review to determine what caused the rise in latency? (Choose two.)
A. node CPU utilization
B. FC switch performance
C. Ethernet network performance
D. cluster management switch performance
Answer: A,C

48.Which NetApp management tool generates reports on volume storage capacity trending information?
A. Virtual Storage Console
B. OnCommand Unified Manager
C. OnCommand System Manager
D. OnCommand Workflow Automation
Answer: B

49.A customer enables Storage Efficiency on a volume, intending to use compression only as data is written. The customer observes that compression is working, but deduplication processes are still running on a scheduled basis. The customer wants to use compression without deduplication as the data is written to the volume.
Which action will accomplish this task?
A. Enable post compression on the volume.
B. Create a custom efficiency policy and attach to the SVM.
C. Attach the default efficiency policy to the volume.
D. Attach the inline-only efficiency policy to the volume.
Answer: D

50.You have a 4-node cluster serving home directories over two IPs per node.
Which two methods would you use to set up DNS load balancing over a single name to the eight IP addresses? (Choose two.)
A. On-Box DNS using a DNS delegation record
B. Off-Box Round Robin DNS
C. On-Node PTR records with reverse lookup per node
D. Off-Node CNAME records for each node management interface
Answer: A,B

51.Clustered Data ONTAP supports which three versions of NFS? (Choose three.)
A. NFSv4.1
B. NFSv4
C. NFSv3
D. NFSv2
E. NFSv1
Answer: A,B,C

52.You create an SVM named svm7. Its DNS name is ntap7. In svm7, you create a volume named vol1 with a junction path of /users.
An NFS client would mount the root of vol1 using which path?
A. svm7:/users
B. ntap7:/users
C. ntap7:/vol1
D. svm7:/vol1
Answer: B

53.A user is reporting trouble using a SVM management LIF. You have verified host configuration, network connectivity, and that the LIF responds to pings.
What should you do to continue troubleshooting this problem?
A. Ensure the SVM management LIF’s failover policy is correct.
B. Ensure the SVM management LIF’s administrative status is up.
C. Ensure the SVM management LIF is on its home port.
D. Ensure the SVM management LIF’s firewall policy is set to management.
Answer: A

54.What is the maximum number of nodes allowed in an FAS8000 series with a SAN configuration?
A. 24
B. 8
C. 4
D. 2
Answer: B

55.You have an aggregate with 10 TB free. You create a 1 TB volume with space-guarantee set to none. In that volume, you create a 500 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled.
How much space is available in the aggregate before data is written to the LUN?
A. 10 TB
B. 9.5 TB
C. 8.5 TB
D. 9 TB
Answer: B

56.While reviewing a controller, you find that an aggregate aggr1 made of 6 TB hard-disk drives has two RAID groups, one with 14 disks and the other with eight disks.
Which action caused the RAID groups to be different?
A. The aggregate was created with the RAID group option set to 2.
B. The aggregate was created with advanced drive partitioning.
C. The aggregate was moved from one controller to its partner.
D. The aggregate was created from the command line using the default configuration.
Answer: D

57.Which NetApp management tool configures AutoSupport for nodes in a cluster?
A. OnCommand System Manager
B. ConfigAdvisor
C. OnCommand Performance Manager
D. OnCommand Insight
Answer: A

58.A customer has lost access to shares being used by an application.
What are three troubleshooting steps the administrator should take? (Choose three.)
A. Verify that the admin SVM is running on the node being accessed by the customer.
B. Verify that the LIF resides on its home port.
C. Verify that the LIFs in the SVM are all up and active.
D. Verify that the SVM has CIFS running, that the share exists, and is online.
E. Verify that there is network connectivity between the SMB client and the SVM.
Answer: C,D,E

59.When assigning shelf IDs to SAS-connected shelves, which statement is true?
A. They only need to be unique within an HA pair.
B. They only need to be unique within a stack.
C. They only need to be unique within a node.
D. They need to be unique within a cluster.
Answer: A

60.You acquired a new company that has the same private IP address range.
What must be set up on the NetApp cluster to support the duplicate networks?
B. failover groups
C. IPspaces
D. DNS zone
Answer: C

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