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Microsoft Certification Exam: MB2-717 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Practice Exam

You have recently been hired as a sales assistant for a new employer.
The company sales staff uses Microsoft Dynamics 365, and you must occasionally input data for them.
You want to use the CRM Help Center for assistance to perform these tasks.
Which two help sources are available for you? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A.phone support
B.training links
C.online chat
D.community blogs
Answer: B,C

You are The technical support specialist for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365. A new user calls the help desk complaining that every time they try to create a record, they are being denied the ability to The user states that some type of error is displayed as well.What would cause this error?
A. The user cannot create records using the Outlook client
B. The user failed to populate at (east one required field.
C. The user is using Dynamics 365 Business Edition father than Enterprise Edition.
D. The user cannot input more than 250 characters into a single line of text field.
Answer: A

You are working with an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365. The organization communicates with their customers primarily via email.The organization is struggling with getting emails tracked in Dynamics 365 on the right records, and emails are often not tracked at all.Which feature should you recommend implementing to get visibility of untracked emails inside Dynamics 365 for relevant?
A. Relationship Insights with Email Engagement
B. Relationship Assistant
C. Server-Side Synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Exchange
D. Relationship Insights with Auto Capture
Answer: D

You are a sales manager for a large company that is about to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.
A company called Fabrikam. Inc. has three divisions within the company that purchase services from your firm.
You have created an account record for each of the three divisions and for Fabrikam. Inc. and need to link the records.
How should you set up the records to properly link the record for Fabrikam, Inc. with its three divisions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 account management?
A.Fabrikam, Inc. is a Primary Contact
B.Fabrikam. Inc. is a Parent account.
C.Fabrikam. Inc. is a Parent Customer.
D.Fabrikam, Inc. is a Child account.
Answer: B

You are a new sales executive for a company that utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365.You have begun tracking your activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have completed the activities for one of your customers.How will the activity state of the designated tasks be modified to reflect the fulfillment of these?
A. You must manually change the activity state to Canceled.
B. The activity state will update automatically when the associated opportunity is won.
C. The activity state will update automatically when the associated sale order is complete.
D. You must manually change the activity state to Completed.
Answer: A

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