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A ScaleIO administrator has re-configured the MDM to single mode. How will this affect the Dashboard view of the GUI?
A. Management tile will display the changed state and an alert symbol
B. No detectable effect on the Dashboard view will exist
C. Management tile will be dimmed
D. Rebuild tile will be highlighted with an alert symbol
Answer: A

Which action can be performed using only the Web Client plug-in?
A. Provision a volume to an SDC
B. Enable SNMP traps
C. Switch MDM ownership
D. Disable the Tie Breaker
Answer: A

In a fully converged ScaleIO deployment, what applies to every server?
A. Contributes to, and benefits from, ScaleIO storage
B. Shares in the creation and maintenance of metadata
C. Uses only one tier of storage, even if many ScaleIO pools exist
D. Runs the same operating system as all other servers
Answer: A

A ScaleIO cluster has been installed with one protection domain, one storage pool, and 10 provisioned volumes. Fault Sets have not been configured. Two SDS servers experience hardware failures and go offline.What is the maximum severity you would expect for the generated ScaleIO events?
Answer: A

Achieving the EMC E22-214 test is the goal of many IT Network professionals. The passing rate of the EMC E22-214 Test is incredibly low. The purpose of Killtest ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam is to promote EMC E22-214 test. It's surely not an easy task to do but doing the EMC Certification E22-214 study materials by using E22-214 test questions will ensure and encourage that you can earn the EMC E22-214 ScaleIO 1.x Server-Based SAN Exam Certification. How to pass EMC E22-214 ScaleIO 1.x Server-Based SAN Exam exam? If you are interested in being a EMC controller then you could take up E22-214 exam. A technical expert who has the E22-214 EMC certification would have all the knowledge that is required to install and configure the ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam. At Killtest E22-214 practice exam, we provide you with E22-214 Practice Questions and Answers, E22-214 Study Materials, and EMC E22-214 test questions. Killtest EMC E22-214 practice exam is detailed and provide you with a real time environment.

Killtest always guarantees that you can pass the E22-214 exam at your first time or you can get all your money back. ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam have released at Killtest for preparing your Product/Technology Specific E22-214 exam. ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam help you to solve the questions very easily. EMC certification E22-214 study materials provide you everything you will need to take your Exam. The EMC certification E22-214 practice exam is researched and produced by EMC Professional Certification Experts who are constantly using industry experience to E22-214 exam produce precise, and logical. As compared to the free dumps, Killtest provides you with the latest and most updated Killtest ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam. Your success is guaranteed in EMC E22-214 Exam using ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam because you always get the latest and most accurate E22-214 Questions Answers for Killtest.

With the spread and progress of information technology, you will see hundreds of online resources which provide EMC E22-214 questions and answers. IT professionals throughout the world have used Killtest ScaleIO 2.x Server-Based SAN E22-214 Practice Exam to prepare for the EMC certification E22-214 exam. Killtest provides all the essential E22-214 questions and answers in EMC E22-214 practice exam can be found. When the vendor makes a change in the exam, the team of experts makes the corresponding in our as well. In addition, the E22-214 answers to all the questions are very authentic and logical to make you understand the reason behind the answers. E22-214 exam is composed by current and active Information Technology experts, who use their experience in preparing you for EMC E22-214 questions future in IT.

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